Anita Devi Of Anantpur Works Magic With Mushrooms

The women mushroom farmers are now respected for earning money and have contributed to change the socio-economic condition of their families for the better. “Mushroom farming has not only empowered me and hundreds of other women, it has given boost to our rural economy,” Anita, in her late 40s and speaking like an executive in her office adjacent to her house, told “Thanks to mushroom growing, women in villages are now earning members, and are no longer dependent on their husbands and family.”

Anita’s words sound convincing as she has single-handedly changed her own fortune, and that of hundreds of other women by mushroom farming in past seven years. She is now well-known for motivating, inspiring and engaging a large number of women to grow mushrooms in her native village Anantpur and neighboring villages under Chandi block in Nalanda district.

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