With only Rs 15,000, she became an entrepreneur

At 17, when most girls of her age were set to go to college for higher studies, she got married.But Sarala Bastian did not wish to just be confined to her house. She wanted to do something on her own. She wanted to be independent and carve out an identify for herself.”My father gave me the initial capital of Rs 15,000 to start a business in 2004. I started a mushroom farm in my backyard,” says Sarala. There has been no looking back since. . .

Today, she is a successful entrepreneur in a field not explored by many.  It has been an incredible journey for the 32-year-old Sarala.

To add to her glory, she has been shortlisted for the prestigious Youth Business International (YBI) Entrepreneur of the Year award for 2009. YBI is a UK-based network established by Prince Charles to encourage young entrepreneurs.


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